Fuel your retail success

Maximized profits. More competent customer service. A stronger future in fuels. Sounds like success for any C-store.

We offer a long, established history of supplying fuels to a wide range of end users, from a large regional C-store chain to independent operations and everything in between. We also bring you expertise in retail C-store operations, including fuel pricing, merchandising and marketing, as well as insight into the industry's ever-changing regulations. We've already delivered profit improvement and productivity for others. Are you ready for the strength of ACE Energy?

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Imagine life in the retail fast lane

  • Peace of mind
  • More profitability
  • Greater efficiency
  • Unparalleled supply reliability
  • Business, operational & marketing support
  • Retail pricing support
  • Envionmental compliance & regulations support
  • Hassle-free procurement for unbranded fuels
  • Broad range of branded and unbranded fuel options
  • Access to renewable fuels
  • Fleet Credit Card programs

Success Stories

Since beginning my business relationship with Ace Energy they have provided me with all the tools and resources that I need to help my business grow and become successful. They have been a good partner from the beginning.

- Danny Patel

Getting burned

If any of these sound familiar, ACE Energy is here to help.

  • Competitive pressure
  • Declining fuel volume
  • Decline in retail profit
  • Stringent environmental regulations
  • High & dry in a supply emergency
  • Restrictive credit markets
  • Difficulty in appealing to consumers
  • DHEC violations
  • Aging c-store sites
  • Environmental, marketing and business challenges with nowhere to turn
  • Varied knowledge in retail pricing strategies and/or technology use

Our Services

The services you need. The benefits you desire.

Service Benefit
Fuel Procurement Choose from better fuel options, prices and resources with the help of our dedicated staff.
Fuel Logistics Rely on our ACE Energy fleet as well as our vast network of common carriers for your reliable fuel supply.
Fuel Inventory Management Look to our supply & delivery network for reliability and simplicity.
Operations & marketing support Increase your business viability with assistance in maximizing your retail store sales and fuel profitability.
Customer Service Take advantage of a dedicated account manager, backed by friendly customer service, a help desk and convenient technology (such as online ordering & price notification).
Construction & Maintenance Support Get access to ACE Energy's construction staff and vendor alternatives to help with site construction, maintenance and more.
Environmental Compliance Support Get support from our staff as you navigate environmental compliance & issue resolution.
Fleet Credit Card Programs Maximize fuel profits while optimizing your commercial sales (with dedicated sales staff driving commercial customers to your retail site).